Overland Park, Kan. -- VinSolutions.com, developer of Internet-based customer relations management software, rolled out its new Enterprise CRM/BDC Solution for multi-rooftop dealers nationwide.

The Enterprise system is a centralized database that holds customer, inventory and service data from all stores within a dealer group. Users from each store's department only need a single, shared log-in to access, communicate and share data with other members of the group.

"Being able to control the selling system and review performance levels by logging in once, and looking at data from every store on one screen makes managing a multi-point deal so much easier." said Doug Kinney, CEO of VinSolutions.com.

The Enterprise CRM/BDC Solution also has a reporting feature that produce summarized performance and activity reports to see comparison data from every store on one report. This function will assist management in determining the return each dealership receives from the investment they all share.