CHICAGO -- Pickup trucks and SUVs dominated the monthly list of top 10 cash-back vehicle incentives for May.

Six of the top 10 units were either pickup trucks or SUVs, with the 2007 Mitsubishi Raider topping the list. The 2008 Nissan Titan was second and the 2008 Mitsubishi Raider was No. 3.

"Gas prices are a concern for every driver, and buying a fuel-efficient car makes financial sense," explained Patrick Olsen, editor-in-chief at to Auto Remarketing magazine.

"But for those in the market for an SUV, or a truck for work or for weekend activities, now is a great time to buy because there are currently more trucks and SUVs being made than consumers want to buy," he continued. "As a result, many models are seeing discounts as high as 20 percent off the MSRP. Over time, this savings can take a lot of the sting out of the high price of gas."

The cash-back incentives ranged from $2,000 for a 2008 Chevrolet Aveo to $7,500 for a 2008 Land Rover LR3.