NEW MEXICO – With one-third of all vehicle accidents involving some sort of rear-end collision, BrakeSafe has introduced a new F&I product that transforms a vehicle’s top-mounted third brake light into a collision avoidance system.

Equipped with BrakeSafe’s patented Pulsing Technology, the system’s electronic circuitry unit causes the third brake light to quickly pulse four times before fully engaging, alerting drivers behind the vehicle of an upcoming stop. BrakeSafe comes with a 5-year Limited Product Warranty backed by an A.M. Best “A” rated insurance company. The Warranty pays owners of the BrakeSafe system $5,500 in benefits if the vehicle is rear-ended and totaled, or $1,500 to cover their insurance deductible if the vehicle is rear-ended and repairable.

“With the number of uninsured drivers increasing each year, your customers need every advantage they can get,” said Rich Battaglini, the National Sales Director. “The nice thing about BrakeSafe is that it’s a safety item to help protect the vehicle's occupants as well as the vehicle's value. It's something new that customers and dealers haven’t seen before.”

Battaglini added that the five-minute installation the system requires makes it a perfect product with which to preload the dealership’s new and pre-owned inventory. BrakeSafe also supplies dealers with a static-cling sticker the dealership’s sales staff can point to during the customer walk around and a working display model for the F&I office.

“This is a great product for F&I earnings, as dealers can make up to $40,000 to $50,000 or more on the sale of 100 units,” Battaglini added. “Best of all, dealers can use the product to get past customers back into the dealership because $2,500 of the $5,500 "totalled benefit" can only be used to purchase another vehicle from the selling dealer.”

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