PHOENIX — To help celebrate the company's 13th anniversary, Direct Marketing Associates Corp. has announced a new, money-back guarantee on its marketing system.

“Dealer Principals are keeping a watchful eye on expenses and demanding ROI on every advertising dollar spent, so we elected to offer a guarantee with our product,” said Robert Davies, president of Direct Marketing Associates. “It is no secret that automotive sales are down, but the core subprime lenders are still offering fresh BK options that fit perfectly with this program.” was first launched by Direct Marketing Associates in 2003. The private and secure Web-based BK management tool is designed to provide subprime retail professionals with fresh, accurate and industry-leading data for marketing.

“Due to our clients' success, our confidence level is extremely high with this product,” Davies said. “We want to eliminate any advertising risk, and give support to dealers that are struggling and tired of being taken advantage of by fly-by-night ad companies."