LEXINGTON, KY — Dealers’ Financial Services LLC announced it has

deployed Daybreak, a comprehensive, Web-enabled consumer lending system, for its Military Installment Loan and Educational Services program.

DFS created the MILES program in 2001 to assist and protect active duty military personnel when purchasing an automobile. With Daybreak, the company will be able to attain development objectives, expedite funding and provide exceptional customer service to both their dealership and military customers.

"We are pleased with the fact that Daybreak will increase the speed of our funding, the diversity of our products and our ability to provide better customer service. We were impressed by their responsiveness and flexibility of the Daybreak team in configuring the solution to meet our needs," said Sherri L. Helmond, senior vice president at DFS.

Daybreak was created by i-flex solutions, a provider of IT solutions to the financial services industry and majority owned by software company Oracle.

"We are delighted that DFS has implemented Daybreak as the foundation for its MILES program," said George Thomas, vice president of lending solutions at i-flex solutions. "The new system will enhance DFS’ ability to serve military personnel with a unique product set and [provide] premier customer service."