MURRIETA, Calif. -- Sekurus Inc., the manufacturer of the renowned ON TIME payment protection system, announced the formation of Sekurus Financial Services, a full service accounts management program developed for dealers and financial institutions serving the subprime buy-here, pay-here auto market.

"By successfully leveraging our company's formidable knowledge of the auto industry's subprime market, we can now offer a financial services division that further reduces risk and helps to manage the entire billing and payment process from start to finish," said Mike Simon, president and founder of Sekurus Inc.

Sekurus Financial Services provides a broad range of billing and collection support services to dealers and financial institutions that use the ON TIME starter interrupt system.

The financial services division offers background and data verification, data backup maintenance, the close monitoring of various interest loans and prevention of late payments, confirming and managing insurance issues with debtors, negotiating insurance settlements, and handling potential repossessions. In addition, person-to-person customer service is provided throughout the entire process.

The payment management system provided by Sekurus Financial Services has been specially developed to help overcome any challenging billing obstacles or limitations previously faced by a buy-here, pay-here auto subprime lender.

"We consider ourselves portfolio managers, eliminating the headaches involved with approving, tracking and collecting auto loan payments. Sekurus Financial Services is an invaluable resource for institutions and dealers working with high-risk buy-here, pay-here borrowers on a daily basis," Simon said.