POWAY, Calif. — First Advantage CREDCO, a leading provider of automotive specialty credit reporting and consumer information solutions, has announced the introduction of ACT Portfolio Management Solutions, a suite of automated customer tracking tools. The ACT suite, which consists of ACT Report, ACT Monitoring, ACT Tracing and a unique reporting back feature called ACT Back, is designed to help automotive dealers better manage their overall portfolio and improve their collection and recovery process by monitoring customer financial and credit behaviors.

First Advantage CREDCO believes that the timing of the ACT launch is ideal, as slower car sales have moved many dealerships toward retaining and managing their own portfolios and selling fewer loans to finance companies.

“In these economic times, automotive dealers across the board are demanding innovative consumer information tools to help them make smarter, more informed lending and account management decisions,” said Eric Rumsey, president of First Advantage CREDCO. “ACT empowers dealers to more effectively manage their loan portfolios by making decisions based on consumer-specific spending and cash flow indicators. This enables them to proactively manage their accounts to generate maximum revenue and profit opportunities.”

The ACT Portfolio Management suite has already gained popularity among a select group of First Advantage CREDCO dealer customers, as well as a key partner, who agreed to participate in product testing, the company reported. Autostar Solutions, a leading provider of software technology to automobile dealerships and finance companies nationwide, has been a valuable business partner to CREDCO since 1996 and has helped test the new product suite for dependability, accuracy and quality assurance.

“We consistently strive to provide our dealer customers with cutting-edge finance and information solutions,” said Allen Dobbins, president of Autostar. “ACT satisfies a long-awaited need in the automotive industry to provide accurate, timely and reliable customer data to help dealers manage their loan portfolios more effectively – and protect their profits.”