PORTLAND, Ore. — Carr Auto Group vice president Brad Preble said his group's five General Motors dealers in Oregon and Washington were able to capitalize on GM's recent 72-Hour 0% Financing Sale with the help of Portland-based HyperDrive Technologies.

“We’re receiving so many Internet leads from the program that the computers almost look like they’ve gained weight," Preble joked. "It’s clear that we’re dominating the competition in terms of traffic and now we’re making every effort to maximize the opportunity.”

Within hours of receiving news of the promotion, Carr and HyperDrive had created and uploaded lead-generating 'sale-activation' content to their Website, published and optimized over 700 unique Web pages regarding the sale and filmed and edited a detailed video explaining the offer. They then published and search optimized the video on virtually every video and news site in the country, and published nearly 900 press releases on the Internet.

“We’re calling it Instant Response SEO AutoBlitz," said HyperDrive CEO Eddie Coleman. "This week was our first real test run. We’re still sitting in the aftermath, completely stunned at the results of the program. The placement became so saturated today surrounding our top targeted keyword phrases that it appears as though we actually blew the General Motors sites right off the front page of Google."