FERNDALE, Mich. — Document solutions provider DIVDAT Inc. has announced a partnership with Pleasanton, Calif.-based Fireside Bank to launch a new, walk-up kiosk network program. The new system was designed to offer customers a convenient, easy-to-use cash alternative for paying their bills.

Fireside, a leader in nonprime automotive lending, recently consolidated its multiple servicing operations into two centralized servicing centers. They then installed the DIVDAT kiosks in select 7-Eleven stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Utah.

"Fireside Bank has had a long-standing relationship with DIVDAT," says Bruce White, Fireside's senior vice president of portfolio management. "When our company centralized all loan servicing activities, we began searching for products and tools that would simplify the payment process for our sub-prime borrowers ... Better service options generally translate to better portfolio performance."

DIVDAT's walk-up kiosk network is a component of the CashLINC system, a proprietary data integration, notification and response channel that serves as a receivables management communications system for DIVDAT clients. Because the kiosk network works through the use of one existing data feed, integrating the solution for existing client Fireside Bank was seamless, according to DIVDAT president Jason Bierkle.

"Technology is evolving, and with it, consumer needs are changing," Bierkle said. "There are an estimated 60 million Americans who are considered 'underbanked' and require more options for paying their bills. Today, we're offering simple, cost-effective solutions to help our clients serve this growing population. We're proud to partner with Fireside Bank, launching our walk-up kiosk network solution to support their customers."