ALEXANDRIA, Minn. — When St. Cloud-based Brandl Auto Connection set up a used-car sale at Alexandria's Douglas County Fairgrounds this week, local dealers called on law enforcement to shut it down, according to the Alexandria Echo Press. When the Minnesota State Patrol and the Alexandria Police Department showed up, they determined that Brandl had failed to obtain the proper license and put a halt to the sale.

Brandl, a state-licensed and certified dealer, signed a contract with the Douglas County Fair Board to hold the sale from July 15-19, and the request was approved by the Alexandria City Council. However, Minnesota law requires dealers to obtain a separate license to sell vehicles outside the county in which their dealership is located.

Within a few hours of being shut down, Brandl struck a consignment deal with nearby Thelen Auto Sales and moved their vehicles to the Thelen lot. Because Thelen didn’t get prior approval from the city council, the city is now looking into the possibility of stopping the sale again, according to the Echo Press.