DULLES, Va. –- The Impact Group, a provider of F&I presentation software, has introduced Ignition, a new web-based F&I presentation program that replaces the company's flagship Process300 presentation software.

Ignition simplifies the setup and presentation process of its predecessor, while expanding on its most popular aspects, including a fully certified interface with Reynolds & Reynolds and ADP. It also provides enhanced product presentation tools, a paper-menu concept, and additional flexibility in payment structure options with an innovative biweekly presentation module.

The reporting system boasts enhanced compliance features, documentation that reduces potential dealership liability and improved management and training components.

Mark Thorpe, the company's president and CEO, cited the dramatic shift in the automotive marketplace as the primary motivator for developing the new program.

"Since we started back in 1988, we have continually evolved as needed in order to meet the needs of the dealer and remain on the cutting-edge of F&I technologies. The unique challenges faced by today's F&I manager required that we redefine our system based on feedback received from real-life users who are in the trenches every day, and we have learned that many of yesterday's sales methods simply do not keep customers engaged," Thorpe said.