DULLES, Va. -- The Impact Group, a provider of F&I menu and presentation software, has teamed with Economic Advantages Corporation (EAC), a provider of biweekly loan acceleration programs to deliver EAC's "Bi-Auto" program through Impact's new Web-based F&I presentation program Ignition.

Impact's customized presentation interface provides EAC's affiliated agents with a seamless method of introducing the biweekly program to F&I customers.

"Through advancing and redefining the biweekly payment presentation, we are seeing greater penetrations on the biweekly product as well as an increase in F&I product sales across the board," said Mark Thorpe, president of The Impact Group. "It's the most efficient and effective process ever devised."

The new biweekly presentation module begins with a customized, side-by-side comparison of the customer's accelerated equity and interest reduction through a biweekly payment plan versus a monthly payment plan. A host of support tools accompany the interface, including a product video, frequently asked questions page, a customized amortization table to show the loan acceleration at each month over the term of the loan, valuable product affordability and up-selling tools, and integrated electronic enrollment submission with signature pad technology.

"As the nation's leading biweekly payment administrator, Economic Advantages Corporation is excited to add The Impact Group to its list of premier distribution partners. The Impact Group's cutting edge technology has blended superbly with EAC's advanced delivery channel via full DMS integration. Dealers can benefit from a seamless delivery process," said Ged Connolly, EAC's executive vice president of sales and marketing.