INDIANAPOLIS – Marketing and sales CRM provider Autobase Inc., a division of Dominion Enterprises, has announced an integration between Autobase Sales Center and AutoSoft International, a leading dealership management systems (DMS) provider.

The new integration was undertaken to allow AutoSoft data — including dealership inventory, booked sales, closed service repair orders and service appointments — to be automatically pulled into the Autobase client database and stored on a daily basis, eliminating the need for double entry.

“The AutoSoft integration provides a significant opportunity not only for our existing AutoSoft dealers but for any dealer who may want to integrate the functionalities of both Autobase and AutoSoft in the future,” said Phil Barras, executive director for Autobase. “We are truly excited about the possibilities that will stem from this integration along with the new window of opportunity for customers of both Autobase and AutoSoft.”

“AutoSoft is very pleased to have participated in this joint integration with Autobase,” said Jeffrey Harmer, vice president of sales and marketing for AutoSoft. “The ability to provide integration with leading automotive software solutions companies like Autobase demonstrates the strong commitment AutoSoft makes to its dealer base. Performing these integrations continues to strengthen our position as a leading provider of dealership management systems.”