WESTBANK, British Columbia - Quantech Software, a F&I and lead management software developers for auto, RV, marine and powersport dealerships, has struck a sales and marketing agreement with Minneapolis-based North American Dealer Solutions (NADS).

Through the pending agreement NADS will market and sell Quantech F&I and lead management software solutions in the United States.

"My prior experience has allowed me to see lots of dealer software, including Quantech. I worked with their products for almost eight months. They're powerful, easy-to-use and well-priced," said Michael Beauchamp, president and founder of NADS.

Beauchamp brings 20 years of auto dealership experience as a general sales manager, director of F&I and most notably ten years as general manager at a Chrysler Dealership in Minnesota.

He sees a gap in products and services being provided to the small to medium-sized auto-dealerships and plans to focus on that market. "The big players are focusing the bulk of their attention on larger dealerships. That segment is over-serviced in my opinion," said Beauchamp. "Our analysis shows a huge potential in smaller dealerships. There are very few well-designed, well-priced producs for them to choose from."

Initially NADS will focus attention selling Quantech's standalone menu selling software, QMenus, as well as the firm's lead management product, QGPS. "QMenus is the easiest to use menu software I've ever seen. U.S. dealers are going to love it," said an enthusiastic Beauchamp. "QGPS offers super powerful web-based lead management tools at a fraction of the cost."

The agreement with NADS provides Quantech with substantially improved access to US markets.

"We're very optimistic about the prospects of increasing our US penetration through the efforts of North American Dealer Solutions," said Jack Pyck, president of Quantech Software. "They have experience, and are located in the right place," he added.