CHICAGO — Online retailer earned the highest ranking in J.D. Power and Associates' 2008 Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services study. The study was released this week and ranked highest in used-vehicle business generation and transmission of leads. The retailer also ranked second in satisfaction ratings for new-vehicle leads and improved in every new-vehicle performance factor since the 2007 study.

"In a highly competitive industry, this research demonstrates that dealers recognize the unique value delivers in connecting them with in-market, ready-to-buy shoppers," said Mitch Golub, president of "As dealers increasingly rely on Internet advertising to generate business, we are constantly looking for new ways to fuel their success. We continue to invest at record levels across all aspects of our business to bring car shoppers to our site and support our dealer partners with e-mail, phone, Website and walk-in traffic."

Additionally, nearly three-quarters of's dealers said they attended at least one of the company's training sessions in person, online or by phone, according to the study.

"Our dealers recognize us as business partners who provide value beyond the leads we deliver," Golub said. "We demonstrate this commitment through our national dealer consulting and training program that allows us to reach thousands of dealers each year with our in-market sessions and online newsletter and Webinar series. We work with our dealers to optimize their online advertising and Internet sales processes so they can quickly and cost-effectively convert leads into sales."