PORTLAND, Ore. – Chrome Systems Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc. and an industry leader in collecting, enhancing, and distributing best-in-class automotive data, has partnered with Gumiyo, the retail automotive industry's leading mobile marketing company, to deliver Chrome's video showcase of full-motion new vehicle video test drives to mobile Web consumers.

This partnership will put high quality videos of new vehicle inventory directly into the hands of mobile phone users for the first time, providing auto buyers with dynamic and informative vehicle presentations to help drive sales.

"Chrome is a technology and market leader in new vehicle videos, which has become a powerful tool that provides car buyers with the information they need to make new vehicle purchasing decisions," said Shuki Lehavi, founder and CEO of Gumiyo. "This partnership brings new vehicle videos to the mobile Web for the first time, giving car buyers on-the-go a truly media rich shopping experience anywhere and anytime."

Gumiyo extends the traditional online marketplace to mobile phones, connecting buyers and sellers in real-time to communicate and complete the deal. The company's mobile marketing platform provides sellers with unique mobile homepages and the means to drive traffic from print ads, signs, flyers, window labels, or any type of offline advertising using interactive SMS text messaging.

Gumiyo puts a dealership's inventory and showroom directly into the hands of qualified and interested buyers with on-demand detailed inventory listings, vehicle photos, videos and Carfax reports.

"We're excited to be partnering with Gumiyo," says Peter Batten, general manager for Chrome Systems. "Their innovative mobile marketing platform is launching dealerships into the next generating of marketing where consumers can be reached any time through the channel they prefer. The addition of our Video Showcase makes their mobile presentations even more compelling and increases the likelihood of turning a lead into a customer."

The Chrome Video Showcase is comprised of two video products, "1:00 on One New Vehicle Profiles" and "Top 200 New Vehicle Test Drives." The "1:00 on One New Vehicle Profiles" is a one-minute vehicle overview of current auto, light truck or SUV models. The "Top 200 New Vehicle Test Drives" give a more detailed overview of the 200 most popular current vehicles.

All the videos combine high-quality action footage with informative graphics, voice-over narration, and music, placing customers squarely in the driver’s seat, ready to buy. Chrome partners with the automotive media professionals at WheelsTV to create the industry's most complete and timely vehicle video coverage, essential to dealer success.