WESTBANK, British Columbia -- After a successful three-month trial in two of its dealerships the Mike Priestner Auto Group has purchased Quantech Software.com's Q-Menus menu selling software for all 14 of its auto dealerships.

QuantechSoftware.com is a developer of F&I and lead management tools for Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport dealers.

MPAG made the decision to proceed with the Q-Menus purchase after a successful three month trial with five business managers. The auto group stocks, sells, and services thousands of automobiles in Western Canada.

"Based on our experience working with Quantech and the feedback from the dealerships, it was an easy decision to make," explains Latha Thomas-Back, Director of F&I for MPAG. "The business managers that tested Q-Menus found it very easy to use and saw increases in F&I sales. We also received an enthusiastic response from all of the dealership’s general management."

"We're very enthusiastic about the MPAG sale," says Mike Martin, Director of Sales, Quantech Software. "MPAG is a large dealer group and recognized as a leader in innovation. They've also done their homework. We see this sale as a turning point in the evolution of menu selling in Canada, and confirms that we are the menu software leaders here."

Software installation and technical training will be done remotely by Quantech. "We have a lot of experience and great tools for installing software and doing remote training," says Martin, "Combined with MPAG’s commitment, I know this will be a great installation."

MPAG will implement the software in dealerships over the next few months and provide them with menu selling training. "For standardization and ease of setup, we'll set up the menus for each store beforehand, and do a couple of dealers at a time," says Thomas-Back.