The Team One Research and Training division of the Summit Group has partnered with to provide Total Training Solution, a comprehensive online training program available to automobile dealer employees in the U.S.

The new online program includes Team One F&I training, dealership compliance certification, F&I certification, Lexis Nexis compliance program, human resources training, safety training, customer service and phone skills training, OSHA 10 Hour Certification, and even forklift certification. The program also provides an online learning management system that helps dealerships train their employees, track progress and measure results.

Team One and developed this online program in response to overwhelming dealer requests for a single, online training program for their employees that included F&I training, compliance training, and most required certification needs in one package. The online program integrates all the dealership training into a simple, turnkey solution.

"We all know there are a confusing, disjointed, and expensive array of online training programs for F&I, compliance, safety, red flag, OSHA, etc. Dealers don't really know what programs are actually in compliance and they don't want to try to sort them all out. They want the best available, reliable program for all of their employees from one single source," said George Angus, Team One and Summit Group automotive spokesman.

"Our research and testing found to be, hands down, the most effective and cost efficient online training company. With the Team One Performance F&I training, our Lexis Nexis compliance connection, and now,, we are providing the highest level of online training at the lowest cost to the dealer."

The program is hosted by, an established online training organization. "The partnership with Team One brings the best performing F&I training and compliance solution. Added to this is the assurance provided by the Lexis Nexis program, the only compliance program approved by the American Bankers Association. Capping it are the proven OSHA, safety, HR, and employee training and electronic tracking capabilities developed by GlobalTraining These dynamic components make this online program the only one of its kind in the world,” said Steve Clugston, president of

The pricing structure of the new program is based on the number of dealership employees (at $4 per employee, per month), allowing smaller dealerships access to the online training at a very low cost. There is no limit on the number of training modules an employee can access monthly. The new program is already being installed in several large dealer chains and is now available to all dealers.