ORLANDO, Fla. — Dealer Website solutions provider ActivEngage has announced the launch of a new live chat feature. The new system was designed to enable dealers to engage consumers directly from personal email and email campaigns, including eNewsletters, allowing customers to get answers to questions without having to change communication channels or wait for email responses.

"The most important aspect of the new launch is being able to instantly connect with customers in whatever medium you approach them," said Ted Rubin, ActivEngage's co-founder. "Offering live chat in dealership emails helps push the conversation further and increases the level of customer service. Now consumers can connect with you, from email, to receive the instant gratification that only live chat offers."

Many dealerships and other businesses have discovered the benefits of including live chat on their Websites. Now, with ActivEngage's live chat for email, dealers can offer the same service via email.

"As a dealer, I want to make it as fast and easy as possible for customers to reach a professional dealership representative," said Norman Dorf, vice president of D&C Honda. "We've had such great results from using live chat on the dealership Website; I'm excited to be able to offer the same level of service in our dealership email and newsletter. We've just recently begun using live chat in email and our customers are already using the service to connect with us!"