PORTLAND, Ore. -- As part of Compli's continuing effort to provide compliance protection to auto dealerships, Compli and Environmental and Occupational Risk Management (EORM) of San Jose, Calif., have formed an alliance to provide top-tier Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) information and content to dealers through Compli's Dealership Compliance Management System (DCMS).

"We have found a premier subject matter expert in the EH&S space who can help Compli complement and enhance the traditional on-site-only approach many traditional EH&S vendors advocate for dealers. By combining on-site expertise with EORM’s state-of-the-art content delivered via Compli’s automated compliance management system, we will revolutionize the way dealers are addressing their EH&S exposures," said Lon Leneve, president of Compli. "This partnership offers an automated solution for dealers which will help reduce EH&S risks and create significant savings in the safety, workers comp and environmental areas that have been unavailable until now."

Compli and EORM will be releasing six hard-hitting safety, OSHA and workers comp based compliance programs in the Compli November 2008 content release. In addition, the partners have agreed to release a comprehensive set of environmental compliance programs, including "Green" initiatives specific to dealerships in Q1 of 2009.

"EORM, having worked in a variety of industries, will bring a new perspective in safety and environmental practices to the dealership industry," said Stephen Craig, vice president of Sales & Marketing at EORM. "Like Compli, we look to leverage technology to complement what we do in the field, and we are in full agreement that the combination of on-site presence combined with the automation of many of the functions via Compli's compliance platform will bring unheard of opportunities to dealers. We are currently working with a number of Compli's clients to help tailor our content and approach to best meet the dealer’s needs, and believe this cooperative effort will help us maximize the value of the compliance programs we deliver."