SAN DIEGO — Premier Dealer Services Inc. (PDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Great American Insurance Co., has announced the launch of two new theft-deterrent programs: DataDots for powersport vehicles and PremierCare for automobiles. Both programs are available on a reinsured basis, according to the company.

DataDots is a series of polyester substrate micro-dots which are applied to various components of a powersport vehicle. The dots imprint a unique identification number on the vehicle that can only be viewed when placed under a black light. Once purchased and applied, the identification number is registered with the Insurance Services Organization and can aid in the identification and recovery of stolen property. Previously, Premier’s DataDots program was only available to automobile dealerships.

PremierCare also employs unique technology to reduce theft and aid in the recovery of stolen property. The company offers consumers two methods for registering and identifying their automobiles: UV labels, which, when removed, leave an invisible copy of a number that is viewable when placed under a black light; and window etching, in which a chemical solution is used to etch a traceable alphanumeric code onto the side windows of the automobile.

PDS noted that individuals purchasing PremierCare receive a limited warranty which, subject to terms of the contract, can provide for a payment up to the benefit amount in the event the auto is stolen and not recovered.