Robert P. Mancuso, senior vice president of corporate communications and investor relations officer of The Warranty Group, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2008 by The Center for International Retail Automotive Standards (CIRAS) on Sept. 17 at the F&I Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.

In recognizing Mancuso, CIRAS President and CEO Robert W. Serum said that "Rob epitomizes the highest standards of this industry." Serum noted that Mancuso was a third generation dealer following his grandfather's launch of Mancuso Motors in upstate New York in 1918 and his father, Jim Mancuso’s, launch of Mancuso Chevrolet in Chicago in 1953.

Mancuso started work in his father’s dealership as a teenager, working in every department. After high school, he left for Princeton University, where he earned a baccalaureate degree in psychology. He returned after graduation to assume a management role in the dealership. Later, with family support, he opened Mancuso Cadillac in 1974, becoming the nation's youngest Cadillac dealer. He grew that successful organization to include franchises for Maserati, Peugeot, Saab, Cadillac, Honda, and Chevrolet.

Mancuso also founded Consumer Concepts, a CSI improvement organization, working with individual dealers and manufacturers, including Ford, GM, and Mazda. He introduced "System 1-2-3" for customers in 1984, enabling them to configure and price new cars and appraise their trades on Apple computers. He also published the book, Assuming the Position as a family business survival guide, tutorial, and autobiography of his experiences from teenager, to family business manager, to owner/dealer. The book has been cited by many as "frank and inspiring."

After selling his dealership organization, Mancuso joined what is now The Warranty Group in 1997, serving as vice president of special projects for Resource Automotive. He has held several positions in the company and now serves as a corporate officer with responsibilities for global corporate communications and investor relations.

Mancuso's family continues to be important in his life, particularly his wife Gail and his son Robby. Mancuso is also a veteran marathon runner.