HANOVER, Pa. — Members of the Hanover Area Dealers Association banded together to protest a used-car tent sale at the North Hanover Mall last week, according to the Hanover Evening Sun. The tent sale was organized by Fred Laurenzo, owner of two pre-owned lots in nearby Lancaster.

The Hanover dealers say that Laurenzo purposely misled local residents by mailing fliers that described the sale as an event organized by "Your Area Dealers Association" — a registered name that Laurenzo licensed for an association comprised of several dealerships in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

"They think we're putting on the event," said Steve Latta, owner of Hanover's Gene Latta Ford. "It's just deceptive to people buying cars. I think people should know who they're buying from."

Laurenzo defended the flier, noting that Lancaster can be legally described as within the area of Hanover, since the towns are within 20 miles of each other.

"I am in the area," Laurenzo said. "I have many stores and I see how I fit Your Area Dealer's Association."

Hanover Area Dealers Association member Hi-Lo Auto Sales, which is located across the street from the mall, hosted a protest which included picket signs sporting slogans such as "Traveling tent sale does not support our community" and "Cars cost less at local lots" as well as an electric sign that flashed messages such as "Not your 'area' dealer," with an arrow pointing to the mall.

The full text of the Evening Sun article can be read here.