FENTON, Mich. — DealersBiz.com Inc. has announced the launch of their all-new Online Automotive Expo and Training Center, an online venue for product review for automotive retailers.

The new site was developed to provide dealerships with a more cost-effective solution to review new products and services. That includes the ability to more easily train staff, which has proven to be an advantage for both the sales and service teams at DealersBiz.com's client dealerships.

"Our goal is to provide a resource to bring together automotive retailers and suppliers of products and services into one location, which is readily available for all dealership personnel," said Rick Sly, president of DealersBiz.com and the founder and former editor/publisher of Special Finance. "By utilizing this Web-based expo platform, we can easily deliver timely information, preview cutting-edge products and services, as well as provide video training geared toward increasing sales and customer satisfaction to all dealership personnel."

DealersBiz.com will have three main features: The Sessions Hall, where weekly presentations for both sales and service will be held; the Exhibit Hall, where products and services for dealerships are available; and a Resource Center for industry info and communication between attendees. Dealers can tour a demo version of the site here.