WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Auto dealers using Gumiyo's mobile marketing platform are experiencing increased market penetration with the new media channel that can reach consumers anytime and anywhere. Dealers report that text messaging response rates are continuing to increase since the launch of their mobile campaigns, with some dealerships receiving hundreds of messages each month.

"With mobile marketing, we’re able to give our customers another way to reach out and touch us," said Bob Cockerham, owner of Car World Kia Suzuki in New Mexico. "They really enjoy being able to text message our stores and access vehicle and inventory information on the Mobile Web. It's a great way to talk to people on a personal level."

In August, twenty of the most active "mobilized" dealers received a combined total of over 1000 text messages from mobile consumers seeking additional store and vehicle information.

"Mobile is a different type of medium that attracts its own customers," said Cockerham. "We were surprised at how many people prefer this method of communication."

Universal City Nissan, located in Los Angeles, has also seen growing results from their mobile marketing efforts. Over the past few months, the auto retailer has been averaging more that 100 text messages a month from on-the-go consumers.

"Our mobile campaigns are becoming an important part of our marketing mix. The more we promote our mobile program, the more consumer responses we get," said Mike Sage, Universal City Nissan partner, vice president and e-business director. "It gives us a unique opportunity to connect with consumers we might otherwise have missed."

Eric Miltsch from AuctionDirectUSA.com located in Victor, N.Y.; Jacksonville, Fla. and Raleigh, N.C., is another retailer that has been using Gumiyo's mobile marketing platform to promote their inventory. "I receive several text message alerts every day telling me when a customer has responded to one of our mobile promotions and for which specific locations. It gives us an opportunity to reach out and talk to more people," said Miltsch.

AuctionDirectUSA.com's unique mobile response code is mentioned in the company's TV, radio, print and online ads. "Mobile is an extra layer to all of our marketing efforts. It insures that the message doesn't stop with one particular media."

Miltsch notes that while the summer months are usually the slowest time of the year, since the implementation of Gumiyo's mobile marketing platform, sales have been steady with the addition of the mobile channels. "The convenience factor makes it a great tool. It lets our customers access vehicle data wherever they're at," said Miltsch. "Wherever our customers are, that's where we want to be."