LAS VEGAS — Dealer networking community provider DrivingSales has launched a user-generated, streaming online video collection. The Salt Lake City-based company announced the new feature during this week's J.D. Power Automotive Internet Roundtable, which featured a focus on social media.

"Today, more than ever, dealers really need solutions, tactical ideas and answers to their questions about surviving this difficult period," said Jared Hamilton, the company's founder/CEO. "The DrivingSales Video Collection provides our members with real-life, proven solutions for their problems: how to achieve a stronger capital structure, increasing parts and service sales, getting more repeat customers, differentiating yourself in competitive markets, using online marketing tools to maximum advantage, and more. The videos are our latest tool to help dealers compete and succeed through challenging times."

The company stated that the new content will focus on helping automotive dealers maximize their businesses, and that both professional and amateur content will be accepted. DrivingSales expects the subject matter to cover all aspects of dealership activities and operations; including sales, customer retention, Internet retailing, F&I, service, parts and fleet sales.

"The increased speed, quality and overall access to online streaming videos is a real breakthrough for training and continuous learning," said Dennis Colome, vice president of Izmo Cars. "In person, onsite training will always be important, but video can be very effective for imparting new skills and knowledge. The richness of the medium can have a much more dramatic, immediate impact than reading a book or information online. The DrivingSales videos offer cutting-edge solutions, and now more dealers than ever will have access to proven strategies and tactics to help improve their operations and the bottom line."