IRVINE, Calif. – UDC, a retail automotive software, training and consulting firm, has launched Mobile Internet Lead Management (Mobile ILM) for auto dealers.

This program is a lead notification and management tool that automatically alerts sales personnel by SMS text message when an in-coming Internet lead hasn't been responded to within five minutes.

Mobile ILM insures that dealers immediately connect with online customers, preventing lost sales and increasing conversions. The new mobile solution integrates with Momentum, UDC's dynamic sales CRM application that coordinates all showroom, BDC and Internet department sales activities, including cross-department management and tracking of leads, appointments and customer marketing.

"Right now, dealers need to take full advantage of all in-coming leads and sales opportunities," said Hans Van Order, CEO of UDC. "Mobile ILM guarantees that every Internet lead a dealership receives is responded to on an immediate basis. It works seamlessly with Momentum to increase conversion rates and maximize profits from all of a dealership's Internet lead sources.

All incoming Internet leads from a dealership's Website and third party providers are initially received and recorded by Momentum. The CRM then distributes each lead, which includes the consumer’s contact information, type of vehicle the buyer is interested in, and any comments or questions, to pre-designated sales personnel currently logged into the system.

When the lead is not responded to within five minutes, Mobile ILM automatically activates and forwards the lead by SMS text message to each salesperson’s mobile phone, BlackBerry or PDA. If, after another five minutes, the customer has still not been contacted, Mobile ILM sends the lead to the mobile devices or personal computers of salespeople that are not logged into the system.

Salespersons who receive a Mobile ILM lead alert can immediately send the customer a reply by text message (if the notification is received on a mobile device), or by email (if the alert is sent to the salesperson’s laptop or home computer). All lead replies are routed through Momentum, which records the data in the customer’s CRM file, before sending it on to the buyer.

After the reply is sent, the salesperson can continue to use their mobile device or computer to communicate with the customer. Every message that is sent and received is logged by Momentum, ensuring a complete, detailed history of all dealer-customer communications.

"Mobile ILM puts dealers in control of their lead response times. They never have to worry about leads falling through the cracks, or auto buyers deciding to shop elsewhere because they haven’t received a timely reply," said Van Order. "Anytime you can help a dealer connect faster with customers, it will result in increased conversions and profits."