PORTLAND, Ore. — Chrome Systems Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc. and an industry leader in managing automotive data, has announced that Manheim, the world's leading provider of vehicle remarketing services, will use Chrome's Automotive Description Service (ADS) Web service in its next-generation inspection system. ADS will be used to standardize and enhance Manheim vehicle descriptions for consistent and more complete Electronic Condition Reports (ECRs), creating increased buyer confidence and enhancing customers' online experience.

"Inspections start the entire remarketing process and accurate ECRs lead to increased sales and higher customer satisfaction," said Julie Warpool, director, Manheim Inspections Technology. "We chose to use Chrome for vehicle descriptions because their industry-leading solution delivers accurate and complete vehicle information."

The companies noted that surging demand for online vehicle sales and the subsequent need for high-quality and consistent ECRs contributed to Manheim's decision to use Chrome's Web services. Chrome Systems' general manger, Peter Batten, hopes that the partnership will result in more complete and comprehensive vehicle listings which will inspire buyer confidence and increased transactions.

"We're excited to be partnering with Manheim to help them present a premier online wholesale marketplace to their customers," Batten said. "Our ADS web service leverages Chrome's vehicle information to simplify the VIN decoding process and deliver results via our services-oriented architecture. Chrome manages the VIN data and vehicle descriptions so Manheim can focus on delivering the best possible inspection services. This new relationship, which builds upon DealerTrack's partnership with Manheim in the inventory management arena, is another illustration of the companies' commitment to work together to help dealers be more efficient and profitable."