INDIANAPOLIS — A suspect driving a stolen landscaping truck led police on a high-speed chase last week that ended with a crash at Honest Abe's Auto Sales on Madison Avenue. The driver, David McGuire, 41, was tased and arrested at the scene after attempting to flee on foot. He faces charges of vehicle theft and criminal evasion and may have been in possession of methamphetamine.

The truck, a Ford F-350, had been reported stolen along with two others from a landscaping company earlier in the week. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers spotted the truck at 7:46 a.m. on Oct. 15 and gave chase after the driver failed to pull over. Four minutes later, after the suspect turned north on Madison Avenue with several units in hot pursuit, he collided head-on with an IMPD cruiser that had stopped to block traffic from entering the path of the chase. The truck then careened into the front row of Honest Abe's inventory, damaging eight vehicles. The officer in the cruiser, Mark Spears, sustained a minor injury to his foot.

"I'm thankful I wasn't standing there," said Abe Faran, the lot's owner. "That was a big truck and I'm thankful it wasn't me or a customer or a pedestrian that was hit. But the cars that were wrecked were the best we had."

Faran, who opened the dealership in 2006, told Special Finance he was driving his children to school when a neighbor called to tell him there'd been an accident. He arrived at the lot to find a scene of utter destruction. He was able to open for business later in the morning after moving the damaged vehicles to the side and supplementing the remaining inventory with units borrowed from friends' lots.

"These police chases are a topic of controversy in Indianapolis," Faran said. "Yes, we kept the doors open, but now I'm between a rock and a hard place. The police are telling me one thing, the insurance company another. Who's going to pay me for these vehicles?"