SARASOTA, Fla. – Cactus Sky Communications Inc., an e-mail marketing agency, has introduced eSaturation eMail, which provides dealerships with consumer email addresses for more targeted and cost effective marketing.

eSaturation is a new part of Cactus Sky's eProducts and uses a database of 120 million double opt-in e-mail addresses.

For most consumers, e-mail has become a preferred form of communication because of its convenience, its ease, and its rapid cycle time. For these reasons, eSaturation eMail is perfect for dealerships and a much more effective manner of communication than phone or direct mail.

eSaturation eMail gives dealerships the ability to market to a large number of local consumers at a cost that is a fraction of direct mail. The program delivers a series of promotional and informational emails to targeted consumers within a specified radius of their dealership -- as many as 700,000+ within 30 miles.

"In these difficult economic times, most dealerships pull back on marketing and advertising, so we wanted to create a product that was very low cost, easily measurable, and had the ability to generate a high rate of return. With eSaturation eMail, we are able to provide a powerful alternative to traditional advertising," states Irish Carroll, president of Cactus Sky Communications.

In addition to its low costs, e-mail marketing is able to provide real-time detailed reporting, including the number of people who received the email, opened it, read it, and clicked on a link within the email.

"Communicating via email allows dealerships to establish invaluable online relationships with customers and prospects, deliver information, generate leads and sales, as well as dramatically increase traffic to the their Website," said Peter Martin, CEO of Cactus Sky Communications.