CINCINNATI — OneCommand, a creator of automated, multi-channel marketing, has launched low cost, targeted, results-driven seasonal campaigns, proven to help auto dealers experience increases in sales and service revenue, while making a positive, long-lasting impression in their community.

These low cost campaigns help generate foot traffic, build loyalty, drive sales and service customers into the dealership and create awareness of upcoming promotions and events. Visit to find out more information about campaigns for the fall season.

As part of an unwaivering commitment to help dealers reduce cost and drive revenue, OneCommand provides a quarterly series of suggested events and campaigns. Included in the series are all of the tools necessary to plan and promote a successful event, leveraging multiple-channels such as voice messaging, email marketing and targeted mail to reach customers.

The use of multiple communication channels has been proven to yield action among consumers. In fact, in a recent customer case study OneCommand found that response rates increased by as much as 51 percent through the use of multi-channel marketing versus any single communication method.

George Schaffner, general manager at Saturn of Rockford, of Rockford, Ill. is a big proponent of community events. His dealership has been hosting events for many years, and for the past three years has used OneCommand to help reach out to his customers.

"OneCommand is a low cost tool that makes it easier, faster and more affordable to reach my customers. Events like these are an opportunity to get in front of customers and make them feel good about the dealership as a community partner," Shaffner said. "It really helps with loyalty as customers feel that if the dealership is supporting the local community, this is a place where they want to do business. In fact just last week I had a lady in the dealership tell me the only reason she bought a car from us was because of the pet adoption events we do."

"Doing community events helps to build a connection with customers and prospects. It's not about trying to sell something. These events become something that resonates as value and the more value a dealership represents, the more likely they are to keep that customer," Shaffner added.

OneCommand has gathered a variety of ideas for community events, customer appreciation messages and other useful informational messages for customers that tie into seasonal events of interest to customers. Some examples include a Canned Food Drive, a Black Friday Holiday Kick Off and a Toys for Tots collection event, to name a few.

"Just as a car isn't created out of thin air, a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship doesn't occur on its own. Building a loyal and durable customer relationship is the result of a well engineered communication action plan that respects both buyer and seller while making the most out of data and technology," said OneCommand CEO Al Babbington. "A single event doesn’t sustain a business relationship but it can begin one. How far that relationship travels is up to you."