NEW ORLEANS — Maintenance plan provider myEZ Car Care and Car-Buy-Her have partnered to help market myEZ Car Care's Electronic Glove Box to female buyers. Under the terms of the agreement, visitors to Car-Buy-Her visitors who sign up for myEZ Car Care will receive the co-branded program at a discounted price.

“Car-Buy-Her is pleased to work in conjunction with myEZ Car Care to offer an invaluable service to our female client base," said Sheronde Glover, founder/CEO of the online automotive information resource. "Women are always looking for ways to maximize their time, save money and organize their tremendously busy lives. This resource will aid in that process and complements our goal of helping women take control of their car life."

The Electronic Glove Box was designed to save drivers money on maintenance services by promoting safer and more efficient vehicle ownership. The system sends Web-based service reminders and recall notices and provides a nationwide network of service providers. Members are eligible for discounts on maintenance services, tires, parts and labor, and the system keeps their service records updated.

“Consumers want to properly maintain their vehicles, but a fragmented car-care industry makes it difficult for all but the most disciplined to properly maintain their vehicles," said Ed Bourgeois, founder/CEO of myEZ Car Care. "We are excited to have Car-Buy-Her as a partner, as both companies and their customers are interested in ways to save money and enjoy a safer, more efficient and enjoyable vehicle ownership experience.”