First Advantage CREDCO has partnered with RouteOne to provide dealers with a stacked credit report, which delivers separate credit reports from one, two or all three national credit bureaus in a single transaction. The stacked credit report helps participating dealers shop loans and finance deals quicker and more effectively.

Though auto lenders typically require only a single credit report to approve a loan, some lenders may require an Equifax credit report, while others may require one from either TransUnion or Experian. First Advantage CREDCO's stacked report provides a convenient and time-saving solution that automatically pulls credit reports from multiple bureaus at one time, allowing dealers to proficiently work a deal with several lenders.

"With the recent and dramatic shift in the credit markets, dealers need to be even more diligent and flexible in their F&I practices to successfully secure financing and sell more cars," said Eric Rumsey, president of First Advantage CREDCO. "The integration of our stacked credit report with RouteOne's CreditMaster provides a quick and convenient tool that helps dealers overcome many of the challenges they face in the current lending environment."

The stacked credit report increases lending options, which allows dealers to easily seek financing from multiple lenders with different bureau requirements simultaneously. The report saves time and lets dealers order separate credit reports from all three national bureaus in a single transaction. The report is also conveniently integrated with the RouteOne system, which helps improve overall efficiency of the F&I process.

"A lender's credit report requirements may vary due to their individual underwriting requirements, the transaction and region of the country," said Mike Jurecki, RouteOne CEO. "The new stacked credit report feature, along with the existing credit reporting options from First Advantage CREDCO, lets our dealer customers quickly and easily pull credit reports from two or more bureaus at one time, helping satisfy each lender’s preference."

Since 2003, the two companies have enjoyed a successful business relationship based on First Advantage CREDCO's credit reporting services, compliance and identity verification solutions. The integration of the new stacked credit report feature expands this relationship, providing another value-added service to participating RouteOne dealers.