LAKE SUCCCESS, N.Y. - DealerTrack Accessories Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc., has added the "Manage" module to the DealerTrack Accessories Solution. With this enhancement, the DealerTrack Accessories Solution provides auto dealers with the tools to increase their share in the accessories business.

"The U.S. automotive accessories market generates over $38 billion in annual sales, with very attractive profit margins," said Richard McLeer, senior vice president, strategy & corporate development at DealerTrack. "Although accessories sales typically are made within a few months after a vehicle is purchased, many dealers today lose that business to other retailers. Dealers have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves and add a lucrative new profit center by consistently presenting all customers with accessories options and managing the entire accessories sales process more systematically."

To address dealers' varied needs more effectively, the solution is composed of three fully integrated modules: buy, sell and manage.

The "buy" component, which is free to dealers, is an electronic catalog featuring products from a broad network of OEM and aftermarket suppliers. The e-catalog enables dealers to quickly browse and locate a wide range of accessories that match a vehicle, highlighting the most popular choices. Dealers can make purchases directly from suppliers with the click of a mouse, for delivery as soon as the next day. With online access to this extensive supplier network, dealers get attractive pricing and minimize the need to carry costly accessory inventories.

The "sell" module enables dealers to market and sell accessories more effectively from any location in their dealership, as well as on their websites. It includes "Cool Ideas," dynamic media presentations of accessorized vehicles that bring the excitement of accessories and personalization to any computer with an Internet connection in the dealer's showroom, service department or other location. The product also includes a 3D visualizer that allows customers to build their own personalized vehicles. These capabilities help dealers to consistently present and price a wide range of both OEM and aftermarket accessories.

The "manage" component helps dealers maximize the profitability of their accessories departments by managing the entire sales and fulfillment process in one integrated system, either for one store or across their entire enterprise. It enables dealers to track and manage every accessories lead, and to easily develop email or direct mail campaigns targeting the dealership's existing vehicle customers for potential accessories sales. With its sophisticated reporting tools, dealers can make better decisions by understanding which accessories are selling and which are not, and identifying trends and future opportunities.

McLeer concluded, "By enabling dealers to buy and sell accessories more effectively, and providing a streamlined technology framework to energize and control the accessories workflow, the DealerTrack Accessories Solution can help dealers substantially increase high-margin accessories sales, potentially offsetting some of the current pressures on their profitability."

Steve Goff, service manager at Notbohm Motors in Miles City, Mont., said, "The DealerTrack Accessories Solution is directly responsible for helping us increase our sales and profitability. Since we started using the solution over a year ago, our accessories sales have increased by 85 percent."