CENTREVILLE, Va. – Amica Mutual Insurance Co. will provide total loss vehicle information to used-car buyers and sellers through Carfax Vehicle History Reports. Thousands of Carfax-subscribing dealers and millions of used car buyers have access to a wealth of vital vehicle history details that help consumers shop with greater confidence.

"We feel this proactive step in providing our total loss information will provide an additional level of consumer protection, potentially decrease fraudulent activity, and ultimately reduce the number of unsafe vehicles in the marketplace," said Scott Wendel, Auto Physical Damage Manager of Amica Mutual Insurance Co.

Amica Mutual Insurance Co., ranked highest in customer satisfaction among national auto insurers, nine years in a row by J.D. Power and Associates, is leading the effort for total loss disclosure by insurance carriers to Carfax. Consumers demand this type of damage information to help them make more informed buying decisions. Carfax-subscribing dealers can provide one-click access to this and other important information through millions of free Carfax Vehicle History Reports available online.

"Amica has made a decisive choice that every insurer needs to follow," said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. "Every year, insurance companies total more than five million vehicles. Our dealer customers have been clamoring for this information and Carfax is breaking new ground to give them access to it. Making this information available to dealers and consumers through Carfax Vehicle History Reports improves consumer protection and makes our roadways safer."

Amica also will report vehicle theft data to Carfax to alert used car buyers and sellers about vehicles that were reported stolen. More than 22,000 data sources report vehicle history information to the Carfax database, comprised of nearly 6 billion unique vehicle records.