Orlando, Fla. — ActivEngage, a provider of proactive live chat for dealer Websites, has launched multiple language translation for live chat on auto dealership Websites. Now dealers can engage Website visitors in their preferred language, without having to employ multi-lingual staff members.

The new technology offers dealers a huge competitive advantage through increased personalization for their Website visitors' communication preferences.

ActivEngage's new service translates live chat text to and from Website visitors in real time. When a visitor starts a chat session, ActivEngage detects the visitor's preferred language from their browser settings. The chat operator then asks the visitor if they would like to chat in that language.

The expanded service includes the 15 most frequently spoken languages by non-native English speakers in the U.S., including Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Korean. In addition, the new service can distinguish between a language as it is spoken in different countries, for example French Canadian versus the French spoken in France, or Spanish as it is spoken in Mexico versus Spain.

Chat operators can enable or disable translation for a portion of the chat session or the entire session, based on the site visitor's preference. Both the original and translated chat text are shown to the visitor and the operator, and the entire chat is stored in the database for future reference. Further, operators can chat with multiple visitors at the same time, using different languages.

"The more personalized communication can be with Website visitors, the more successful dealerships will be," commented Todd Smith, ActivEngage co-founder. "As a company, our focus is to help dealers engage their site visitors by offering the right message at the right time. And now, they can offer this message in the site visitor's language of choice, the language the visitor is most comfortable using. It's an enhanced level of service that lets shoppers know that the dealer caters to the needs and preferences of their visitors, all without having to hire additional staff."