IRVINE, Calif. — Business development center (BDC) consulting, training and software provider UDC has announced a 50-percent increase in CRM software sales for third quarter 2008. The company also reported a 22-percent increase in high line automotive clients since year-end 2007. UDC attributed the growth to its BDC consulting and training program, which was designed to improve vehicle sales by as much as 35 percent at a typical dealership.

“We’ve been very pleased with our expansion over the past several months,” said Hans Van Order, UDC's CEO. “All of our business is referral-based, which means our clients are continuing to get the results from us they expect and need. We’ve also received incredible support and endorsement from leading high-line manufacturers. Our OEM partnerships have enabled us to help dealers around the country streamline and enhance their sales and service processes.”

UDC was founded in 2000 as a luxury automotive BDC consulting and training firm. The company quickly developed a reputation for implementing highly effective BDC departments that included proven BDC policy and procedures, as well as the hiring and training of BDC staff to successfully handle inbound and outbound sales opportunities.