PORTLAND, Ore. -- Compli, a provider of dealership compliance management software for U.S. auto dealers, announced it is releasing six new electronic Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance programs on the Compli dealership compliance management system (DCMS), effective Dec. 15, 2008.

These new items will facilitate a more robust "good faith" compliance effort that will help dealers address and reduce costly EH&S regulatory and business exposures, presenting opportunities which are even more critical in today’s challenging economic and regulatory environment.

Samples of content in the six new EH&S compliance programs, developed for Compli by the national EH&S firm EORM (Environmental and Occupational Risk Management), include:

Emergency Action Plan

* Directions for Site Personnel During Evacuation

* Emergency Action Plan (Emergency Response)

* Phone Numbers Poster

General Safety (Injury Illness Prevention Program)

* Job Safety Analysis

* Safety Committee Meeting Agenda-Minutes

* Building Maintenance and Design

* Accident Investigation

* Hazard Assessment

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

* Indoor Air Quality Investigation Building Occupant


* Building Maintenance and Design

* Sources of Indoor Air Quality Contaminants

* Indoor Air Quality Management

* Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Design Specifications

* Common Indoor Air Quality Complaints

* Building Ventilation and Industrial Air Quality


* Ergonomics Program

Hazardous Energy Control

* Lockout/Tagout

* General Hazardous Energy Control Procedure

* Hazardous Energy Control

* Hazardous Energy Control Procedure: Class I

* Hazardous Energy Control Procedure: Class II

Hazard Communication

* Hazard Communication Program

* Hazard Communication (Employee Right To Know)

"In EORM, we've partnered with an EH&S expert that is helping us create new, innovative programs to address historically poor results related to EH&S dealership practices," said Lon Leneve, president of Compli. "Dealers spend way too much on 'fire and forget' consulting services, where on-site services are limited to once every 90 days, and they spend way too much on avoidable workers comp and other expensive claims and fines. The poor results and high costs directly reflect this classic out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach.

"Until now, little effort has been placed on internalizing more effective ways to address these issues. Compli intends to change that. By building out key EH&S programs, communicated over the Compli DCMS platform, dealers can now internalize these programs and gain substantially more control over their EH&S destiny. By converting to real-time processes and oversight, the direct benefits will include lower consulting costs and workers comp costs over time resulting from a reduction in the frequency and severity of claims. We've proven over and over again that much can be gained by leveraging technology, expert content, sound compliance and risk management practices, and in EH&S we have a huge opportunity to help dealers generate significant cost savings by converting to a predominately in-house, self-sustaining approach. This will revolutionize the way dealers can attack, and greatly reduce, these exposures," Leneve concluded.