ORLANDO, Fla. — ActivEngage, a provider of proactive live chat for dealer Websites, announced the launch of ActivSEM, a low cost laser-targeted search engine marketing for dealerships.

During the current challenging economic period, ActivEngage offers dealers this value-added service to help increase Website traffic, lead generation and sales. Dealers can now maximize online search without any significant increase in spending, and with ongoing analysis to continuously improve results.

ActivSEM targets automotive consumers who have the highest conversion rates and tracks the keywords used in automotive searches that end in live chat at the dealership Website.

In addition, as many dealerships decrease their online marketing spending, the dealerships who continue search marketing have the advantage of less competition. This special offer will help keep dealers in front of consumers on the Internet at a low cost, only $99 per month plus ad costs. ActivEngage will manage dealerships' SEM budget and make continuous adjustments to increase traffic, leads and sales.

"We are not offering this additional service to make money. We're offering it to help our dealers increase qualified Web traffic, which has declined for many dealers in the current economic environment," said ActivEngage co-founder Ted Rubin.