SAN DIEGO — In October, approximately 250 employees of Wachovia Dealer Services successfully completed their GAP certification training online with OwnerGUARD University (OGU). OGU was developed by OwnerGUARD Corp. as a Web-based, interactive learning center that helps efficiently meet the business training needs of its member financial institutions, dealers and agents.

"We were provided with this exceptional training opportunity to enable our employees to confidently present the benefits, features, and advantages of their GAP program with ease and conviction," said Bill Katafias, national production manager, Wachovia Dealer Services. "With this new tool, there is no travel required, and students don’t have to sit in a classroom or spend time away from their daily activities. OGU saves time and money, and provides consistency in the training. Most importantly, it is an excellent way for our employees to enhance their product knowledge, develop their sales techniques, and increase their ability to service dealers."

The OGU GAP certification program consists of a series of video presentations that allow the student to work at his or her own pace online, at any time – even from home. Downloadable course materials are included, and students can view the video presentations as often as needed. There is a message board for training assistance, and each course module is followed by a quiz. The entire course series, which takes approximately three to four hours to complete, was made available to the Wachovia financial professionals, as members of OGU, free of charge.

Chris Bitner, corporate account manager at OwnerGUARD, pointed out that OGU is a hosted solution that doesn’t require support from member company’s IT departments. “We can get our members up and running quickly," Bitner said. "There was no need for anyone from Wachovia to travel or do any off-site training, which definitely saves time and overhead costs over traditional training programs."