PHOENIX — has added new features and improved the performance and capacity of its Web-based marketing system. The new features on the Website include an advanced search options, "sold" customer database management, sophisticated data sorting abilities and complex reporting capabilities.

In addition to the new user features on the Website, the company's servers were upgraded to handle an increasing number of dealer clients and quantities of daily discharged BKs throughout the United States.

"The overall application platform is completely scalable, meaning that as our customer base grows and the quantity of BKs increase we will be able to respond without performance loss," said Robert Davies, president of

More than 100,000 people filed and more than 65,000 people discharged a bankruptcy in October 2008. This proved to be the busiest month for the bankruptcy court system since the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act went into effect more than three years ago.

"We have been booking fresh BK deals since the year 2000, and historically they are by far our best-performing loans," explained Dedra Muffley of Tidewater Motor Credit. "We are looking to do away with the non-bankruptcy paper or customers who look like they are on their way down. We want the customers that have their problems behind them. You are seeing the larger subprime lenders, the AmeriCredit's and CapOne's, becoming our competition with these fresh discharges."

"Due to the current sub-prime automotive lending environment, BK marketing is more valuable than ever," said Davies. "We have hundreds of dealers logging on to our BK system on a daily basis and with the fresh BK being the most sought after loans by the sub-prime lenders these days, we took this as an opportunity to add new features and processing capabilities. With the advent of these new features we are clearly maintaining our status as the industry leader."