PORTLAND, Ore. — Automotive data management provider Chrome Systems Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc., recently delivered a customized version of its Chrome Construct Web services solution to Nissan's official Website.

Chrome Construct was designed to allow automakers to access unbiased, accurate and timely content about their vehicles and their competitors' vehicles, and to create comprehensive consumer-facing vehicle presentations, with the option of customization to highlight the best features of their products.

In Nissan's case, Chrome was able to quickly develop a customized solution that performs side-by-side vehicle comparisons spanning hundreds of features and technical specifications, automatically selecting and presenting the advantages of Nissan's vehicles relative to other brands chosen by the consumer.

"We are pleased to provide Nissan with this new functionality, which can be very helpful in increasing consumer interest and driving sales in the current challenging environment," said Pete Batten, general manager of Chrome Systems. "Chrome's ability to create this solution from the ground up, integrate it with the existing web site, and host it on a turnkey basis enabled Nissan to dramatically reduce its time-to-market with the upgraded site."