PHILADELPHIA — Dealer Synergy founder/CEO and Special Finance contributor Sean V. Bradley has been selected to serve as a speaker at the upcoming National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention. The show will be held in New Orleans Jan. 24–27, 2009. Bradley will address the hot topic of video search engine optimization (VSEO) as part of his company's efforts to introduce dealers to new technology that can increase sales.

"Dealers are going through some very rough times right now, and Dealer Synergy focuses on helping dealers not only survive but profit in these trying times," Bradley said. "We show dealers how they can get the most from their marketing and promotion budgets by moving existing funds into areas with a proven ROI. By focusing my workshops on video search engine optimization, I will be sharing insights on how dealers can use an online video strategy to build dealership traffic to every department. This is one proven way to help dealers in this tough economy."

Bradley and Dealer Synergy have earned considerable recognition in the industry. In 2008, they received the AutoDealer Monthly Platinum Award for Best Automotive Internet Sales Training Company. In addition to conferences, seminars and workshops, Bradley is a regularly featured speaker at NCM and NADA Dealer 20 Groups throughout the country.

Bradley's comprehensive article on VSEO from the Aug. 2008 issue of Special Finance can be found here.