BRISTOW, Va. -- Incentive Research, which provides dealers with manufacturer incentive information, has introduced a new feature that provides up-to-the-minute incentive information to dealers' Websites.

Incentive Research exports all current manufacturers' incentives for each automobile model and updates a dealer’s Website every six hours. An icon placed on a dealer's Website connects customers to manufacturers' incentives in one click.

The dealership may choose to remove any incentive from displaying on their customized incentive page. In addition, the program incorporates a call-to-action form (i.e. request information, get a quote, or get pre-approved) for customers.

"At Incentive Research, we ensure that you will have your web site up-to-date with the most current manufacturers' incentives without any effort from you and without the hassle of manually changing incentives as they occur. More importantly, we help to make sure that your web site visitors become your customers," said Beau Summers, president of Incentive Research. "We use software that is extremely reliable and user friendly for all customers, as well as an excellent tool for dealership personnel to refer to on a daily basis. We accomplish this all for a fraction of the cost of buying 3rd party leads. The longer a person is on your site, the better the chance you have of generating results"