PORTLAND, Ore. -- Chrome Systems Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc., has partnered with Automotive Information Systems Inc. (AIS) to deliver comprehensive and accurate rebate and incentive information on new vehicles to the retail automotive industry.

This relationship will allow Chrome to integrate detailed automotive incentive data into its offerings for the first time.

Delivered through web service technology with real-time automatic data updates, AIS rebate products are designed for seamless integration with the inventory shown on retail automotive websites. AIS rebate products are fully mapped to the Chrome Style ID, allowing for detailed data at the model and zip code level.

"This new partnership with AIS enables us to enhance our product offerings," said Pete Batten, general manager of Chrome Systems. "In today’s market, having comprehensive and region-specific incentive and rebate information side-by-side with vehicle listings is a significant competitive advantage for automotive retailing websites. We anticipate that this unique product will help increase vehicle sales and consumer interest."

The automotive incentive information includes details about rebates, supported or alternative APR, bonus cash, and other available programs.

"Dealerships are looking for new ways to attract customers and push them to take the next step in the buying cycle," said Troy Ontko, president and founder of Automotive Information Systems. "Thanks to this joint offering, web developers will be able to offer to their clients the ability to present new vehicles online with available incentive and rebate programs alongside the vehicle listing."