DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – JMsolutions, an automotive technology products and services company, and DealerSocket, a customer relations management (CRM) provider, have integrated their systems so dealers can easily access used-vehicle appraisal information from the sales floor.

This added convenience saves dealers valuable time and provides a more streamlined sales experience for customers. With the new integration, when a used vehicle manager enters appraisal information into JMsolutions' AAX Inventory Management Solutions (AAX), the data can then be transferred to the DealerSocket CRM application. Sales associates on the floor can then obtain the appraised value of a customer's vehicle immediately, rather than manually requesting and coordinating exchange of the appraisal information.

"By combining our technology, we can offer better support and provide an easier sales process for our shared dealers," said Scott Barrett, president JMsolutions. "Customers also benefit from efficiencies created with the new appraisal and voucher system. It's a much more professional presentation to the customer and enhances their overall experience at the dealership."

After receiving the appraisal value in the CRM system, sales associates have the option to provide customers with a professionally printed appraisal form and voucher which both substantiates the amount offered for the vehicle and serves as a visible reminder of the offer price. From there, customers can cash-in the voucher and accept the offer; take the voucher with them while they shop; or return at a later date to claim the appraised value for their vehicle.

"We are pleased at this chance to work with JMsolutions and provide enhanced capabilities and services for our mutual clients," said Jonathan Ord, founder and and CEO of DealerSocket. "Through this joint venture, we've taken a manual process to the next level with state-of-the-art technology."

DealerSocket's CRM is a comprehensive tool that leverages customer history, customer and prospect interactions, and dealership processes to create the ideal buying experience for customers. The company has more than 30,000 active users and more than a 90 percent customer retention rate.

JMsolutions' AAX offers dealers a complete used vehicle inventory suite to help maximize profits. Based on each store's transactional data, an Ideal Inventory Model is created which is integrated into the system's sophisticated appraisal tools, Internet marketing and wholesale solutions, group inventory optimization services and more. Recommendations on vehicle pricing and which vehicles to buy and sell are some of the many comprehensive transactional data-driven analyses provided to dealers.