Team One Group and Applied Research will conduct a free one-hour web and telephone conference on Thursday, Feb. 5 for agents and F&I product suppliers that supply products and services to automobile dealers.   

The "What Dealers Want From F&I Agents and Product Suppliers in 2009" conference, scheduled from 4 to 5 p.m. EST, will address the latest feedback from the U.S. automobile dealer body regarding services they want and expect from their general agents and F&I product and service providers in the current economic situation.   

The areas addressed will be insurance products, service contracts, chemical products, software, training, and new products in the marketplace.   

Participants will be allowed to ask questions and provide input to the discussions. Participants may also remain anonymous. This open conference will also be monitored by representatives of large dealer groups, dealer principals, and dealership management. The conference will be moderated by George Angus of Team One Group.   

To register, visit