ORLANDO, Fla. — Live chat provider ActivEngage has released Seven Reasons Live Chat Fails, a free eBook now available for download here.

The new eBook provides specific instructions to help dealers engage Website visitors in two-way communication to decrease abandonment rates and increase online lead generation. Seven Reasons Live Chat Fails is the first in a series of free educational resources to help dealers better understand how to maximize live chat's potential and avoid common implementation and management pitfalls, according to ActivEngage.

"We created the eBook to help dealers understand the power of live chat. When properly deployed and managed, most dealers see results literally the first day of use and can easily double their Website leads," said Todd Smith, ActivEngage co-founder. "Live chat lets dealers start a conversation with Website visitors and begin building rapport early in the online sales process ... Proactive live chat lets dealers 'meet-and-greet' Website visitors the same way they greet customers in the showroom and has become one of the most cost-effective methods to increase Website lead generation and sales."