WESTBANK, B.C., Canada — Dealership software solutions provider Quantech has announced the planned integration of the company's lead-management/CRM and F&I products. Q-GPS and Q-F&I will serve together as a single solution for the entire sales process, and customers presently using non-integrated versions will be given options for integrating them, according to the company.

"Dealerships are going to love this," said Mike Martin, Quantech's general manager. "From a single point of entry, staff can manage leads, appraise trades, desk deals, present offers, do credit apps, sell F&I products (using menus), deliver the unit, and create after-sales follow-ups."

The integration between the F&I and lead-management products was designed to streamline dealership workflow, reduce errors in the business office and cut costs.

"Previously, business managers had to re-enter information into their F&I software when a sales person brought them a signed offer," Martin said. "Now, the business manager can pull in an electronic Offer to Purchase containing key vehicle, customer, and trade information, and then turn it into a delivered unit ... I’m seeing dealerships replacing their expensive solutions that have every bell and whistle known to mankind with ours because it gives them everything they need, at a fraction of the price."