WAYNE, Pa. -- MaximTrak Technologies, a software developer for the automotive retail industry, has been selected as a partner in the development of the Dealer Management System for Microsoft Dynamics AX, developed by Infonizer.   

MaximTrak will leverage its comprehensive dealership application platform in integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution will deliver best in class technologies in a broad array of front-end dealership applications including sales desking, finance and insurance, dealership reporting and compliance management.  

MaximTrak's flagship F&I Menu application and Dealership Reporting solutions will be developed as a core component to the DMS offering. MaximTrak's finance and insurance menu and reporting program is built on the Microsoft suite of technologies and will integrate into the Dealer Management System for Microsoft Dynamics AX.  

Based on common data elements, seamless integration will enable MaximTrak's application to be incorporated quickly and enable users to work in an intelligent environment with real-time updates and analytical information while eliminating wasted time for cumbersome data transfer common with older DMS systems and technologies.